If I just fill out a w-9 will that affect my unemployment?

Question by Jorge: If I just fill out a w-9 will that influence my unemployment?
I’m just going to fill it out and I’m not even confident that I’m going to make any cash will it do a thing to my unemployment just for filling it out?

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Answer by card-ron
Basically filling out a W-9 will not influence your unemployment positive aspects. If you begin generating money, you will want to report that income and that may have an effect on your benefits.

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  1. the tax lady says:

    Unemployment will want to know the hours you worked.

    This is problematic. If you work and get promised payment (even if you don’t get paid for another month or two), you must report the income at the time you work. This will affect your benefits for that week.

    If you work and don’t get paid (say you plan to sell Avon), you will still need to discuss this with the unemployment commission because the time you spend on self-employment is time you are NOT spending on finding a job.

    California’s EDD requires that you get approval from them ahead of time and that you report all hours worked even if you get no pay.

  2. tro says:

    filing the form out will certainly not affect your unemployment, in fact if you work as self employed you need to report how much you make at this when filing your weekly claim

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